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Is Tech Savviness Valuable And Achievable

We are living in a day and time that is driven by technology, and keeping up with modern technology is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. Using as many systems as possible is vital to getting the most out of a business. From software to hardware and everything in between, companies are always looking for the best solutions to improve their business and set themselves above the competition. Whether you are a business owner or someone who feels they have fallen behind the ever-changing technology world, the experienced professionals at Magoo & Associates are your premier tech solutions providers ready to help you “catch up” on the current trends. Our extensive list of services all aim to enhance your technological ventures through service, support and the relentless commitment to add value to your investment. If you are ready to jumpstart your learning and become tech savvy, contact us today to make an appointment. If, on the other hand, you aren’t quite convinced that you are ready to or really want to make the leap and keep up with the evolving technology world, continue reading to learn why tech savviness is both valuable and achievable.

Start by evaluating your personal goals.

The first step to tech savviness stems from within—consider what your personal goals are. When you do this, it’s important to not compare yourself to others. “My coworker knows how to do this and that, and I know how to do nothing. I want to learn all of the things they know.” This method of goal-setting can lead to distraction or frustration and many times can be overwhelming, making you feel like you need to learn everything at once. The key to successfully understanding and learning about the technology world is remembering that growth will be steady and sustainable, regardless of your current tech knowledge and learning pace.

Why is tech savviness valuable?

Today’s job market is highly competitive, and being technology savvy can mean the difference between whether you do or do not get hired for a position. Your chances of employment are 25 percent higher if you apply with relevant tech skills. Other benefits of being technology savvy include:

  • Work performance: No matter what kind of job you do, technology is involved in one way or another. If your job relies heavily on manual labor, you still may need tech knowledge to research competitors, run a cash register or even complete some sort of online training before you begin your new job.
  • Attitude: When you are tech savvy, work becomes more fun and less stressful. Every single day, we are faced with some sort of technology that we need to use or figure out how to use. When you are confident in your technology savviness, you are less likely to become become upset or frustrated because you are already comfortable conquering anything that involves the evolving technology world.
  • Promotion: If your technology savviness is beyond those of your coworkers, you are that much more likely to receive a promotion or be assigned to a position where you are training new hires. If you are in a low-level job and searching for a better job, being educated in all things technology can only help your chances of making your goal a reality. The more you know, the further you will advance—and when it comes to the job market and climbing the career ladder, there is nothing that should hold you back receiving from the promotion and recognition you deserve. That’s why partnering with Magoo & Associates is an absolute must!
  • Communication: When you feel comfortable and confident in your tech skills, you will be able to open up more effective venues of communication. Perhaps your office will begin utilizing instant messaging programs for interoffice communication—if you are technology savvy, you will easily be able to make the shift without any sort of lapse. You will also be able to send messages using any form of multimedia such as graphics, video and gifs.
  • Productivity: When you are technology savvy, your efficiency and productivity at work improve—you are able to achieve much more in much less time. For example, if you work with clients all over the world and are unable to make the time to fly across the country for a face-to-face meeting, you can instead video conference, web conference or even FaceTime. Instead of having to sit down at a computer to send a quick email, you can easily send the same message from your cell phone while you are on the go. If the refrigerator in your office breakroom goes kaput, you can hop online and purchase a replacement with a single click instead of having to take time out of your day driving downtown and physically shopping an appliance store.

Outside of the job market, knowing the ins and outs of the technology world opens up a number of opportunities including enhanced productivity and creativity, the ability to communicate with others over great distances and the chance to channel intellectual power that we naturally possess. If you are seeking tech knowledge for reasons outside of work, here are a few of the benefits of being tech savvy, outside the job market. And again, this is only an extremely short list of benefits and opportunities, because when it comes to tech savviness, the possibilities are endless:

  • Communication: We all have family and friends that live far from us. Whether they live across the country, across the state or even across town, arranging time to travel and get together isn’t always easy. When you learn how to use programs like, FaceTime, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and even Facebook, you will keep in touch with your loved ones on a more personal level than just talking on the phone. When your cousin has her new baby and traveling seven states away to see the cutie isn’t an option, a quick video messaging session is in order.
  • Stay In Touch: Beyond just talking on the phone or video messaging, staying in touch with your family and friends includes sending photos or video clips when the moment strikes. There is never a shortage of photo or video when it comes to sharing precious moments with loved ones. Whether you need to share the timeless memories via audio or visual, you will have the full knowledge of how to do both when you contact Magoo & Associates today!
  • Plan Travel: In previous times, trips were planned by calling travel agencies and hotels and making reservations via the telephone. Instead of typing an address into a navigation system, a car’s glove box was jam packed with maps and atlases to help travelers find their ways from point A to point B. Now, everything is a mere click away. To book a flight, make a hotel reservation or find driving directions to your destination, all it takes is one single click. This “click,” however, is only achievable when you have the proper know-how to maneuver the necessary technology.
  • Get Social: From online dating to Meetup groups and more, there are so many opportunities for people to interact through technology. For example, if you are someone who enjoys playing Monopoly in the park on Sundays, after a quick Google search, you will be able to find a group of people who also enjoy playing Monopoly in the park on Sundays–and voila, just like that, you have made a new team of friends, all as the result of an online search. The same applies for online dating websites and apps. Maybe you are constantly on the go and don’t have time to date or maybe you have yet to find your special someone–whatever the case may be, online dating is a convenient way to connect with a potential love interest, and all it takes is a click or a swipe.

How is tech savviness achievable?

People who feel they aren’t current on new technology software or hardware typically say things like, “I’m too old to learn this,” or, “I really don’t feel like this applies to me,” or, “I don’t really need to know how to do this stuff.” These people are doing themselves a huge disservices whether they are nervous to enlist professional tech assistance or they genuinely do not feel they need to stay current on technological evolutions. As previously mentioned, we are faced with technology every day—some people work directly in IT, each day, while others may simply need to open an email with an attachment. Whatever the case may be, we all need at least a basic knowledge of how to operate our devices, applications and more.

To rid yourself of this negative self-talk, take a step back and reexamine your personal goals. If you want to build on and enhance your tech savviness, you absolutely can—so stop telling yourself that you can’t! Maybe the last typing you did was on a typewriter and “tweeting” is only something a little bird does—it doesn’t matter. It’s never too late to start learning. Also take the opportunity to ask yourself, “Why exactly do I feel I’m too old to learn about current technology? Why do I feel like this information is not essential, to me?” Some people find that they feel intimidated or overwhelmed by how much there is to learn about the rapidly changing tech world, while others simply continue to reference “the old days” when people wrote letters by hand and the only kind of phone was a landline. Either way, tech savviness may seem intimidating and unachievable, but when you enlist the help of professionals, learning all of the skills you need will be an easy and enjoyable process.

Achieving tech competency starts with you and your self-talk. If you continue to tell yourself that you don’t need to learn and stay current on advances in the technology or that there is no way you will be able to absorb and retain the new information, then you will have a difficult time doing so. If, on the other hand, you are able to readjust your mentality and tell yourself, “This information may be new and unfamiliar to me, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. With Magoo & Associates by my side, I can learn anything I want to,” you will gradually be able to digest and retain all of the new tech lessons you learn.
What now?

If you are finally ready to take the plunge and start learning about the tech world, you will want to enlist the services of the most qualified and skilled technology solutions providers–the technology solutions providers at Magoo & Associates, specifically. From technology support services to services plans, website hosting and templates, cloud services and lifecycle management, the list of services we offer is extensive and includes any kind of tech support that you could possibly need. To learn more about our team or to request our support services, please feel free to get in touch with us today.