Technology Financing

Time Payment’s financial offerings for Magoo & Associates technology starts with a simple application and easy monthly payments that fits all budgets.


  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Credit decisions in minutes
  • Online Application
  • Same-day financing
  • No need to deplete capitol
  • Does not tie up credit cards or lines of credit

Tying up savings, lines of credit or credit cards to buy the best equipment leaves people vulnerable to unexpected expenses and can mean the difference between a bump in the road or the end of the line.

Time Payment gives customers the power to finance their technology equipment with predictable monthly payments, letting you focus on more important things than worrying about future payments. Unlike other providers, we give three critical advantages:

  • Complete the entire process from application to funding on a mobile device or computer, making it easier than ever to get new IT equipment.
  • With online credit decisions in less than two minutes, full applications in less than 15, and same-day funding possible, customers can get their IT equipment right away – no financial services provider delivers completed approvals faster.
  • TimePayment supports transactions over a huge range of price points, works with a variety of credit profiles, and can offer financing on equipment other providers won’t consider. If you need technology products from Magoo & Associates, the chances are good that we’ve financed someone just like you.

How do I get started?

Contact a sales associate to discuss your custom quote and installation/ provisioning services. You will be provided terms and rates by our financial partner. Contact a sales associates for your free proposal.

Ready to start an application, or want to learn more?