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With Magoo & Associates we give you the tools and features you need to enhance your business for improved growth and success. Utilize countless options to take your business to the next level with a wide variety of services from Hosted PBX and VoIP to Enhanced SIP Trunking.

Call Management

  • User Dashboard
    • Portal log in for a device user. Allows access to their CDRs, voicemail, call routing, and quick call
  • Find Me Follow Me (Advanced Routing Logic)
    • Set up advanced routing where callers can roll over to multiple devices assigned to the same Device User. Variable ring durations and ordering
  • Find Me Follow Me (With Time Routing Logic)
    • Define what time of the day to follow a user's FMFM routing, for not all users want to be followed all day every day
  • Call Hold
    • Place calls on hold, and play music or a commercial on hold
  • Attended Transfer
    • Transfer a call to an extension, group, or phone number AFTER announcing the party being transferred
  • Unattended Transfer (Blind Transfer)
    • Transfer a call to another extension, group, or phone number WITHOUT announcing the party being transferred
  • Direct to Voicemail
    • Transfer calls directly to voicemail box
  • VM to VM Transfer
    • Forward a voicemail to another mailbox right from the phone. Allows the sender to prepend the voicemail with their own message to the receiver
  • Call Forwarding
    • Forward calls via the Portal, or via your device or SoftPhone. Calls may be forwarded to any extension or phone number. Forwarding functionality is server-side so there are no compatibility issues with different manufacturers
  • No Answer Call Forwarding
    • Automatically forwards your calls to an extension, group, or phone number when you do not answer your phone
  • Busy Call Forwarding
    • Automatically forwards your calls to an extension, group, phone number when your phone is busy
  • Internal Ring Tones
    • Ability to select a different ring tone for calls from other extensions versus the normal ring tone from outside callers. Only Polycom and Yealink manufacturers support this
  • Not Registered Call Forwarding
    • Route calls to an off-net number such as a cellular phone when none of the user’s devices are registered (Disaster Recovery)
  • Incoming DID Routing
    • Route calls based on the number that was dialed.Calls may be routed to a Menu, extension, group, phone number, or PBX
  • Outgoing Call Restrictions
    • Prevent calls to specific zones such as high-rate, international, Caribbean, US Domestic, or US-Toll Free
  • Incoming Call Identification
    • Identify an incoming call on the phone’s LCD display by modifying the Caller ID display indicating how the call was routed
  • One Button Redial
    • A device or SoftPhone feature that redials the last number dialed by the extension user. Not all phones support this feature
  • Do-not-disturb (DND)
    • A device or SoftPhone feature that simulates a phone being off-hook, sending calls received directly into voicemail. Other routing options are also available
  • Call Waiting Indicator
    • Indicates incoming call (and caller ID, if available) while another call is in process.
  • Call routing based on business hours, after hours & holiday hours
    • Allows routing decisions based on time and date. Multiple schedules can be configured as in the case of departments with different hours of operation
  • Speed Dial
    • A device or SoftPhone feature that automates the dialing of a pre-determined phone number
  • Holiday Routing
    • Route calls to each DID differently if a holiday. You can create global holidays or account-specific holidays
  • Dial by Name Directory
    • A system directory automatically built when every device user is created. Callers can call into the directory and dial by name to be transferred
  • Forward your calls Locally or Remotely via Phone or Web
    • Call forwarding is easy to setup and manage
  • Caller ID Blocking
    • Disable Caller-id for outbound calls made from your PBX
  • Office Intercom
    • Dial another user’s extension, activating their phone speaker to make an announcement
  • Disable Outbound Dialing
    • Disable Outbound Dialing on certain extensions only
  • Call Park
    • Park a call and illuminate a light on multiple phones. Ability to pick that call up from any phone in the account
  • Hot Desking
    • Ability for a user to log into another user’s phone and make/receive calls as if the phone was their own
  • DISA
    • Call into the hosted PBX, enter a PIN and receive dial tone. Gives the ability to present an office caller ID number when calling from an outside line
  • Incoming Call Identification
    • Identify an incoming call on the phone’s LCD display by modifying the Caller ID display indicating how the call was routed
  • Softphone Compatibility
    • Our switch is compatible with all softphone vendors using SIP protocol to register and make/receive calls
  • Dynamic CID
    • Use a feature code to change your outbound caller ID number to any number in the same account
  • Concurrent Call Limiting
    • Configure the maximum number of concurrent calls a single account can make at a time
  • Incoming Call Blocking
    • Blacklist phone numbers to block them from calling your PBX
  • Call Center
    • Call Queueing with multiple ring strategies and queue/agent performance reports
  • Company Contacts
    • Ability to add contacts to the phone’s company directory for supported phones (Polycom/Aastra/Yealink/ Mitel)
  • Number Ordering
    • Order phone numbers directly from our portal into your account


  • T.38 Codec Support
    • Our switches pass the T.38 codec used for making and receiving faxes over VoIP
  • Electronic Faxing
    • FAXBOX Cloud
      • Create an Electronic Fax account for inbound faxes to email and outbound emails to remote fax machine
    • ATA over HTTPS
      • Use our ATA device to convert VOIP to your analogue fax devices

Device Provisioning

  • Device Auto Provisioning
    • Automatically creates provisioning files for supported devices so you only need to set up the network and plug them in. Steps vary based on manufacture
  • Line Key Adjustment
    • Create line keys for call park, speed dial, and BLF right in the portal, then reboot the phone
  • Custom Code
    • Create your own provisioning templates for current supported devices, or even BYOD devices that we don’t currently auto-provision

Call Conferencing

  • 3-Way Conference Call
    • After making or receiving a call, a user may conference in any third party for a 3-way call
  • Conference Bridge
    • Multiple on-site and outside callers can simultaneously participate in password protected conference calls. Callers can be assigned talk-listen or listen only access
  • Default Music On Hold
    • Royalty free music
  • Custom Music On Hold
    • Music provided by Customer, and uploaded through the Customer Portal
  • Commercial Hold
    • Record your commercial and upload it to your PBX via the Portal

Call Recording

  • Inbound Call Recording
    • Selectively determine which users or on-premise PBXes to record inbound calls
  • Outbound Call Recording
    • Selectively determine which users or on-premise PBXes to record outbound calls
  • Dynamic Call Recording
    • Gives the hosted user or on-premise PBX the ability to start/stop recording a call by dialing a star code while in a conversation
  • Complex Recording Files Permission
    • Ability to associate a portal user with specific phone users who are recorded. Ability to specify which actions the portal user can take on the visible recording files from the users they have permission to see/view their recording files
  • File Notes
    • Take notes on recordings and store keywords for easy file retrieval
  • Archive Recording Files
    • Automatically FTP recording files off to your own FTP server for archive purposes


  • Call Retail Records
    • Real-time call logging is available via the portal. From, to, call duration, date and time, and call type (International, On-Net, etc)
  • Call volume graphs by time of day, month, year, or custom dates
    • Histograms graphically display calling patterns and trends
  • Call Path Usage
    • Track the maximum concurrent calls in a given period to determine when it’s time to sell them more call paths

Network Design

  • VOIP Network Operation Center (Las Vegas)
    • Full NOC in our Las Vegas data center to provide a short circuit between you and your west coast customers
  • VOIP Network Operation Center (Philadelphia)
    • Full NOC in our Philadelphia data center to provide a short circuit between you and your east coast customers
  • VOIP Operation Center (Grand Rapids)
    • Full NOC in our Grand Rapids data center to provide a short circuit between you and your central customers
  • Completely Geo-Redundant
    • 100% Geo-redundant circuits allow for failover to either datacenter in the event of a catastrophic failure
  • Registration live Database
    • All device registrations live in a fully-replicated, redundant database cluster so any device can use any SIP Proxy, in any data center, at any time
  • Dedicated Point to Point Comcast Uplink
    • Dedicated Comcast line so any customers with Comcast ISP never leave their network when routing to our servers

Origination & Termination

  • Domestic Origination
    • Magoo & Associates provides local phone numbers or DIDs in most of the LATAs in the United States. That means that we can port your local phone number to our system, and provide your company with the highest quality voice communications and flexibility of Voice Over IP (VoIP)
  • Domestic Termination
    • Magoo & Associates provides competitive outbound call packages ranging from pay-as-you-go, pre-paid minutes, and unlimited usage plans. Our per minute rate is competitive, and our quality and reliability is uncompromising
  • International Termination
    • Magoo & Associates offers competitive international rates. International rates are available via our partners current schedule
  • SIP Trunking
    • Have your own PBX, and want to realize the flexibility and cost savings of business-quality VoIP. Magoo & Associates Coffers ATA and SIP Gateway devices, or you can connect your SIP enabled PBX to our network and realize the benefits of Magoo & Associates
  • Toll Free Numbers
    • Utilize one or multiple Toll Free numbers which may be routed to a specific local DID, Menu, group or queue
  • E911 support, compliant with all FCC mandates
    • Every location and phone number where you utilize a device or SoftPhone must have an associated E911 charge and entry in the  Web Portal. The phone number associated with your location is then registered with the national E911 database
  • Free Calls to other Zella Technologies Voice Subscribers
    • All calls "on-net" are FREE.  That means you will not be billed for any call to another user on your Magoo & Associates PBX or any other Magoo & Associates customer.


  • Top Level Menu (Always On)
    • Allows callers to select from menu options using a standard telephone keypad. Through the portal interface, calls can be routed to extensions, mailboxes, groups, conference rooms, or unlimited depths of additional menus
  • Multiple Top Level Menu (Always On)
    • Allows for separate telephone numbers to be routed to unique Top Level Menus. Each Menu is configurable individually
  • Top Level Menu (Time Based)
    • Available after N rings or based on time of day
  • Sub-Level Menu
    • Sub-Level Menus are often used for different departments within an organization. For instance, you may have a main Menu for the company, and then a sub-level Menu for Sales, Support, etc


  • Unified Communications Client Integration
    • Chat
    • Realtime Presence
    • Call history
    • Video Conference
    • Click2Call
    • Voicemail Access
    • Call Center Monitoring
    • Much, much, more


  • Mobile Phone Business Application
    • Access your business service from your mobile device as you would from within your office. Outbound calls are displayed as coming from your office and Caller ID.

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