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Visual Alerts for BLF Pickup - Yealink

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Last updated: 20 Aug, 2021

Visual Alerts for BLF Pickup - Yealink

Users may wish to see the calling party ID of other BLF members listed on their device. Although this feature is available within the users web portal, users may wish this to be displayed on their phone. 

This setting can be applied globally through a custom configuration. Since it is not supported by default, devices would need to be re-registered. If users elect not to apply this custom configuration, manual settings must be made to allow for this feature on each device. 

To manually set this feature, please follow the below steps.

  1. Login to the phone by browser
    1. To login to the device web interface, you must first get the device password for the web interface. Administrators can get this information from within the admin interface by following the below steps.
      1. Login to the administrator interface. [PICTURE]
      2. Select the extension you would like to modify the device [PICTURE]
      3. Navigate phone provisioning for the device they would like to modify 
      4. Copy the phone web page password [PICTURE]
    2. You must then attain the ip address of the physical device to access the web configuration page. On the Yealink T41s, you can press the ok button twice, or view the phone status page. 
  2. Set Visual Alerts on the Phone
    1. To set the visual alerts on the phone, you must access the device web interface.
      1. Type in the phone IP address in a browser and hit enter
      2. Enter the user name and password for the web interface.
        1. User name is [admin] [PICTURE]
        2. Password was attained during a previous step [1.1.4] [PICTURE]
      3. From there, please navigate to features>pick up & park
        1. Enable Visual Alerts for BLF Pickup. [PICTURE]
      4. Select confirm 
      5. Test by calling another party where the device has them listed within BLF

This feature is restricted to users who have rights within the group to pickup calls. 

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Article ID: 188
Last updated: 20 Aug, 2021
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