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Last updated: 27 Jan, 2020

View Ticket Status From Service Tray

Viewing the status of a service ticket could not be easier. You may easily view the status of a ticket that was created from the service tray. Users may also view comments and add additional information directly from the service tray.

To access current, pending, and complete tickets;

  1. Right click on the blue Magoo shield located within the service tray in the lower right portion of your main screen.
  2. Select messages and tickets.

Within the messages and tickets windows, you have several options to view, modify, and comment on your service ticket.

  1. Header Section
    • New Service Ticket
      • The "New Service Ticket" button will open a new service ticket window to create a new ticket. Once open, you may complete your request and submit your ticket. For more information about creating a new service ticket, click here.
    • Update Status
      • The update status button refreshes the ticket fields, in the event a technician has quickly responded.
    • Refresh
      • Refresh, reloads all fields within the "messages and tickets" window.
  2. Top Section
    • Inbox
      • Not commonly used
    • Responses
      • Not commonly used
    • Service Tickets
      • Provides past and current service tickets by;
        • Submitting individual email
        • Date Received
        • Subject
        • Ticket Status
  3. Middle Section
    • Ticket Detail & Correspondence between the submitter and the technician.
  4. Bottom Section
    • Additional Comments
      • To update or respond to questions within your service ticket, please use the open text field at the bottom of this window. 
    • Comment Submission Button
      • Once your comment has been added, you must select the "add comment" for the comment to be added to the ticket. Entries made without activating this button will be lost.

Please note: Tickets notes may not be updated within the messages and tickets window. You technician may elect to complete the ticket and send responses to you by email. If your ticket i updated by email, you may simply "reply" to the message to update your ticket. Your technician will most likely use the messages and tickets option for devices with multiple users, or when the user does not have an email address on file.

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Article ID: 144
Last updated: 27 Jan, 2020
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