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Atlas Control Pannel
Magoo's Next Generation cloud control panel is call Atlas. Atlas provides an intuitive user interface to view and control common settings. Some features may not be available depending on your account level.

User Dashboard
To access your user dashboard for administrator and user functionality, please visit The user dashboard provides customizable features to configure and change you phone system. You may be provided different features based on your level of permissions. Dashboard The user...
26 Jul, 2019
Call Center Console
The call center console gives you the ability to monitor call queues, availability, and call center statistics in real time, including; Agent Login Status Call Duration Caller ID Name/ Number Queue Statistics To enable this, there are a few steps to follow. Navigate to the edit...
02 Mar, 2019
Agent Statistics Widget
The Agent Stats Widget is a perfect tool for call queue agents to monitor their queue calls. View basic statistics about their call performance so the agent can meet their SLAs Agents can change their availability state at the click of a button Login Set Ready Set Away Logout ...
03 Mar, 2019