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Upload Media to Your Phone System

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Last updated: 23 Oct, 2020

Administrators may upload audio files for numerous uses within the Atlas platform. For this example, we will be uploading an audio files for seasonal on-hold music. You may also upload multiple compatible media files for future use. 

Uploading Media Files

Please login to you account by navigating to

From there, please navigate to VOIP, then Account Settings. Within Account Settings you should see an option for Media within the left menu.

You will be presented with a media menu outlining all media files currently uploaded to the server. Please note that each media file is categorized by use.

You may also select existing media files to modify the category, name, or delete the media file from the server.

Select "Add Media" to upload a compatible media file.

Media Requirements:

  • Media should not exceed 10MB in size.
  • All media should be either WAV or MP3 file.
  • WAV files should have a sample rate of 1600khz and mono channel.

Please upload the media file, enter a name for the file, and select the media category type. Once complete select save.

Once the media file has been saved, you may return to the Account Settings screen. From there, you may select the dropdown for Select Media under the Media Category On Hold Music From there, you may select the on hold music you have just uploaded and select save at the bottom of the page.

If uploading other media types, please select that category from the left menu and update the corresponding media file you previously uploaded. 

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Article ID: 174
Last updated: 23 Oct, 2020
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