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Unattended Client Connection

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Last updated: 27 Feb, 2020

The Remote support chat feature is designed to allow a Magoo technician to chat with the machine operator while a remote session is active, or to request a remote session with the user. This feature is unavailable when a remote session is disconnected. 

Magoo control (remote access) is displayed as a white Magoo shield within the service tray. Magoo Managed Services Agent is displayed as a blue Magoo shield within the service tray. Managed customers should use the blue shield for service tickets and requests.

A remote session is where a Magoo technician takes remote control of your system, as if he/she was directly in front of the machine.

How to request support or start a ticket:

  1. Start a ticket from your client portal* HERE
  2. Start a ticket from
  3. Create a ticket from your Managed Service Icon* [LEARN MORE]
  4. Email Support
  5. Call 217-318-3084 Ext 3

* Indicates the preferred method of initiating a ticket. These tickets are quickly monitored for after hours, holidays, and weekend responses.

How to tell if a technician is connected:

  1. Your screen background will change to black.
  2. Your message window will provide connected
  3. You will see a prompt providing that a session is active.

How do I delete the Magoo Control tool:

Please request removal by completing a service ticket. This tool may be associated with a company subscription or service. A Magoo technician will remove the tool within 72 hours.

Unattended Chat Window (Image)

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Article ID: 161
Last updated: 27 Feb, 2020
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