Durabook Try - A - Book Program

Magoo & Associates intorduces the Try - A - Book Program due to the overwhelming support our customer have shown towards the Durabook brand. Numerous new customer request for demonstration unites has exceeded our demo unit stock. The Try - A - Book program remedies this by allowing customers to purchase there Durabook with the required configurations. If, for any reason, the Durabook model does not meet their expectations, they may return the device to Magoo & Associates for a full refund. 

Program Benefits

How to Enroll in the Try - A - Book Program

Enrollment is easy. Call 1-844-624-6672 and speak with our Durabook expert regarding your desired device. Our team will ensure you select the right device and configuration for your needs. Once purchased, your enrollment is automatic for the first 30 days.

Program Rules

For more information about the Try - A - Book program, please contact the program administrator listed below.

John Maguire (Executive Manager) 217-318-3084 Ext 100

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