Knowledge Base
Announcing: BOOMEA Contact Integration!
24 May, 2019
BOOMEA Introduces Contact Integration! Magoo & Associates is proud to announce our newest feature into the BOOMEA product, Contacts Integration! BOOMEA is a productivity tool that comes free with your Magoo Next Generation Voice service. BOOMEA provides a solid unified communications...
BOOMEA Enhancements
05 Mar, 2019
Current enhancements to our Next Generation Voice services now includes Meetings and Video Conference. Easily create and manage your web conferences from one simple interface. Magoo & Associates, LLC is excited to release BOOMEA Web Meetings and Video Conferencing on the evening of Monday,...
Welcome to our Knowledge Base
14 Jan, 2019
Dear Sir or Madam, Thank your for your interest in Magoo & Associates, LLC. The Success Portal was created to provide a consolidated resource for services relating to your subscription. Inside the success portal, please find training and reference materials to assist self configuration,...