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Boomea Update Version 1.9.3

29 Jul, 2020

Boomea Version 1.9.3 is scheduled for release on July 30th. The 1.9.3 version bring future updates and enhancements to both the Atlas platform and Boomea Application. 

New Features include:

  • Voicemail Transcription
    • Have your voicemails automatically transcribed to text.
  • Webphone Conferencing
    • Merge two calls together on the webphone for local conference calls.
  • Boomea Meetings Enhancements
    • Per-User Plans
    • New "Waiting for meeting to start" page.
    • Additional scheduling options.
    • User default meeting settings.
  • Chat Enhancements
    • Quick call and meeting icons are now available in the chat header for simple and easy collaberation.

Future Enhancements:

  • Meeting Administrator
    • Manage Meeting Schedulers.
    • View other users' meetings/ attendees/ recordings.
  • Meeting Scheduler
    • Permit specific users in an account to be able to schedule meetings on behalf of another user.
  • Meeting Types
    • Video conference or presentation meeting type.
  • Operator Console
    • Call controls and monitoring.
    • Make and receive SMS / MMS text messages from Boomea to contacts or specific numbers.

We are currently working on integrations with G-Suite and Office365. Tune in for future updates on this progression.