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Announcing: BOOMEA Contact Integration!

24 May, 2019

BOOMEA Introduces Contact Integration!

Magoo & Associates is proud to announce our newest feature into the BOOMEA product, Contacts Integration!

BOOMEA is a productivity tool that comes free with your Magoo Next Generation Voice service. BOOMEA provides a solid unified communications platform for you and your employees to maximize technology and grow your business.

BOOMEA Contacts Integration will be released the evening of May 30th, 2019 and will be enabled for all current BOOMEA users.
Features Include:
  • Contact Management
    • G-Suite & Office 365
    • 2-Way contact sync
    • update/Add Contact Avatar Image
    • Delete Contact
    • Edit Contact
    • Add Contact
  • Click-2-Call your contacts
  • Click-2-Email your contacts
  • Click-2-Chat your contacts
    • Text Messaging (SMS) Coming Soon! 
  • Communication History

Contact Display Options:

  • Sort by first or last name
  • Group by Organization
  • Show/Hide Google's "Other" Contacts
  • Show/Hide avatar images
  • Arrange phone numbers in the list based on number type


Chat Access Rules

Outside Chat Messages

Contacts Integration allows you to chat directly with anyone who has Boomea! You can choose whether you want to accept their request to chat, ignore the request for a set period of time, or block the user. These chat access rules are per-person and can be changed at any time in your Boomea account settings.
Outside messages will also be available on the mobile applications, so make sure you have the latest version!
When communicating with a contact in another Boomea account as an outside message, you may also define whether you wish to share your chat presence with that contact.

Communication History

Quickly and easily review past communication history with a contact. All you must do is remember the person you communicated with! Communication history keeps a log of all:

  • Phone Calls
  • Voicemails
  • Call Recordings
  • Web Meetings
  • Chat Conversations
  • Tasks (coming soon!)
  • Notes (coming soon!)

Call History

At a glance on the Call History, Voicemails, and Call Recording pages you'll be able to see which contacts you communicated with or quickly add a new contact!
All 3 pages have been updated to allow click2call on the phone numbers too for easy callbacks.
Join the Next Generation VOIP community by calling your local Magoo service representative 1-844-624-6672.