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Network Configuration
Sonicwall Network Configuration
SonicWall is a common firewall deployed on many business networks. We need to ensure that the LAN subnet those phones reside on can seamlessly communication with our Atlas servers without dropped/blocked packets or jitter/delay. Create a new Address Object: - the subnet...
02 Mar, 2019
Separating Voice and Data Networks
Mago's Next Generation Voice Service provides advanced calling features for organizations of any size. Due to our ability to provide service without respect to agency size, configurations may vary from business to business. The below reference was written with an EdgeMarc device, and may be...
06 Mar, 2019
Traffic Shaping
Traffic shaping (also known as "packet shaping") is the control of network traffic based on the TOS byte in order to optimize or guarantee performance, improve latency, and/or increase usable bandwidth for some kinds of packets by delaying other kinds of packets that meet certain criteria. If a...
06 Mar, 2019