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Managing Users in the Client Portal

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Last updated: 31 Jan, 2020

Company administrators can add users to their company account and restrict use based on permission. The first company administrator will be created by your sales engineer. Subsequent administrators can be assigned from the company primary administrator. Magoo recommends this practice to expedite service requests and provide a method of authenticating support sessions.

Account Role Permissions

Permissions are based on position and subsequent account access. Current roles provide:

  • Full Admin
    • This role has full functionality for all administrative features.
  • Ticket Manager
    • This user can create tickets for other users and comment on existing tickets and view projects.
  • Billing Admin
    • This user can pay invoices as well as submit their own tickets and view projects.
  • Ticket Read-Only
    • This user can only read their own tickets and cannot create them.
  • Standard User
    • ​​​​​​​This user can create their own tickets and can comment on existing tickets.

Creating User Accounts

Creating users for the customer account portal is simple.

  • Login to your admin account at
  • Select the user icon in the lower left menu bar.
  • Select "create new user" from the users screen
  • Enter the user information and email address
  • Set the user permissions as outlined above.

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Article ID: 157
Last updated: 31 Jan, 2020
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