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Network Configuration
It may be necessary to configure your network to handle our VOIP/SIP phone system communications.
VOIP Troubleshooting Tips
Commonly seen issues and troubleshooting tips for VOIP communications.
Device User Guide
Comprehensive guide to device settings and common usage questions.

Record Name for Dial by Name Directory
The dial by name directory provides callers the ability to locate a user and extension to call, or leave voicemail. You may record a custom name for callers to hear when searching by dial by name directory. Login to your mailbox on your assigned device. Enter your voicemail password and press...
01 Mar, 2019
Feature Codes
Voip feature codes provide increased functionality between devices and our hosted VOIP platform. Voip feature codes can be toggled PN/OFF at the account level for each tenant. We have listed common feature codes below: Feature Codes Action Description Dial Enable Call...
02 Mar, 2019
How to Record a Menu Over The Phone
Users may upload or record menu items for callers to hear and be prompted for user action. To record your menu options please follow the below instructions. Menu options may change based on your level of access. You are required to access the menu directly after selecting "Record Over Phone" ...
05 Mar, 2019
VOIP, PBX, Telcom HIPAA Compliance Guide
Next Generation Voice and HIPAA compliance What is HIPAA? HIPAA is the acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a U.S. law passed in 1996 to create national standards for electronic health care transactions, among other purposes. The provisions of HIPAA apply to all...
16 Jan, 2020