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Holiday Routing

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Last updated: 19 Nov, 2021

Holiday Routing allows you to create specified days in which phone numbers can route to a different endpoint. Lets look at an example:

Below we have a phone number that we can find on the Phone Numbers screen. On the right hand side we can see a blue snowflake signifying that there is a holiday route assocaited with the phone number. Navigating into the phone number itself under the Call Routing section we can see the If Holiday routing, it is currently routing the the voicemail of Smily Joe. With that information we'll move onto creating these holiday routes.

Holiday routing page

Navigation: VoIP > Holiday Routing (Left navigation)

Once you have reached the holiday routing page you will have the options to view all of your holiday routes, adjust the activity of those routes, and create new routes:

  1.  Change Holiday Routes - This will show you all of your holiday routes and allow you to adjust which are active or inactive in a bulk fashion
  2. Add Holiday Route - This will allow you to create new holiday routes
  3. Edit an existing Holiday Route - Clicking on a route that has been created will allow you to modify the route and delete it if needed

Adding Holiday Routes

If you have selected the option to add a holiday route you will see the Add Holiday Route screen, lets break down what you see here:

  1. Holiday name -  When you are creating the holiday this will what it will appear as on the Holiday Routing screen
  2. Repeats -  You can choose how often this holiday repeats:
    • Yearly
    • Monthly
    • Weekly
    • Daily
  3. When? -  You can choose between two options here:
    • Specific Day - You can choose what day of what month this holiday will be
    • Day of Month - You can choose the frequency of what day of the week of what month this holiday will be
      • For this option you can choose every (First, Second, Third, Fourth, or Last), Day of the Week (Sunday - Saturday) of the chosen Month
  4. Starting on -  Choose the starting date for this holiday
  5. Timeframe - You can either choose:
    • All Day - It will be a holiday for that 24 hour period
    • Custom - You can choose what hours of the day this holiday will last for
  6. Activate -  You can choose to turn it on by moving the slider to Active or off by leaving it on Deactivated

Change Holiday Routes

This option will present you to the following screen where selecting one or multiple routes and clicking the arrows will move them from Activated/Deactivated:

  • Available Holidays - These routes are deactivated
  • Selected Holidays - These routes are activated

Again, to turn routes on and off click on the name of the route and click on the corresponding arrow to move them from available to selected and from selected to available

** You can select multiple routes by holding shift on your keyboard ,clicking multiple routes that you would like to adjust, then selecting the corresponding arrow**

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Article ID: 189
Last updated: 19 Nov, 2021
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