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Getting to know CPanel
How to use FTP within CPanel
Our Linux based hosting platforms include CPanel. Users with proper access may use CPanel to control their web hosting services. FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol, where you can easily transfer large items or multiple items by connecting to your hosting storage. The below video demonstrates...
12 Feb, 2019
CPanel MySql Database
CPanel provides an intuitive interface for creating and managing website databases. The number of databases available to you will be contingent on your subscription. All subscriptions include a minimum of one database. The below video demonstrates the ability to create both databases and users...
12 Feb, 2019
Email Configuration
Introduction Depending on your subscription type, you will have a number of email addresses available for use. Although this is allowed, Magoo generally discourages email use on the same server as your website. Please consider alternate email hosting. You may discuss this issue with your sales...
06 Sep, 2019
CPanel Webmail Email
Magoo website hosting customers have access to email accounts within their hosting tenant. Global management of the email features, security, and reports may be done within the general CPanel interface. Users may access their email from (1) an email application or device, or (2) online from their...
21 Feb, 2020