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General Settings
Voicemail Checking your voicemail is super easy with the Nimbus Phone application. As indicated on the keyboard page, you can press your voicemail button to call into your voicemail. Using the Home > Voicemail section, you can stream and manage your voicemails without calling into your...
26 Jul, 2019
Find Me Follow Me (FMFM)
Find Me Follow Me The Find Me Follow Me (FMFM) feature, is one of the most useful features of the Nimbus Phone Application. This feature allows you to control when each of your phones will ring. You may have a phone at your desk, a phone at home, and this app. Using the FMFM feature, you can...
26 Jul, 2019
Time Call Routing
Here the user has decided that during Business hours, he would like his calls to ring on the app for 15 seconds and ring their desk phone for 30 seconds. Once the Time Routing toggle is switched on, there will be an “Outside Timeframe” option that will appear. This setting defines where to send...
26 Jul, 2019
Nimbus Home
Nimbus Home The Nimbus application allows you to easily manage your voicemails, lookup your company contacts, and maintain or update your Find Me Follow Me settings. Tap on the home button at the top to access these tools.
03 Feb, 2019
Company Directory
Company Directory The Company directory lists all the users and virtual extensions in your company. These are listed in alphabetical order by first name. Tap the phone icon on the right to quickly call someone within your organization. If you would like to see the presence of a user, click on the...
26 Jul, 2019
Logging In
Our Nexxt Generation phone service currently uses the NiimbusPhone application. You may download the NimbusPhone application through the Play Store (Android) or APP Store (Apple). You must log in the the NimbusPhone using the same Username and Password as you would use to log into your User...
26 Jul, 2019
Presence Groups
With Presence Groups, you are able to view the live status of any user in your organization! This feature enables you to take not only your business telephone number with you, but it allows you to have the same kind of visibility that would be available from the office!
26 Jul, 2019
Adding Groups
Setting up a group is very easy, as you can see below. Simply choose the Add Group icon, give a name to the group, search for and select users, then hit save!
26 Jul, 2019
User Status
The phone icon next to a user will user a color indicator to let you know if that user is available or busy. Don’t forget to select the correct group! Green: This user is available to receive a call. Yellow: This user’s phone is currently ringing, or they are in the process of sending a call. ...
26 Jul, 2019
Making Calls
Whether you’ve dialed a number with the keypad, used a Quickdial entry, or tapped the dial key on your directory, the In Call screens may have some options here that you will want to utilize. Let’s explore the options available while in a call. A: Signal Strength B:Home C: Mute D:...
26 Jul, 2019

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