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Yealink Devices
Information & users guides for Yealink devices commonly used by Magoo & Associates voice services.
Boomea is a collaboration and productivity application
that provides you and your team with the ability to manage
people, projects, and performance, anywhere and anytime.
Private PBX Service
Private PBX provides a complete customizable phone service at your fingertips. Hosted on our cloud servers or at your business location.
Private PBX
Magoo's Private PBX delivers the most versatile and flexible voice and unified communications platform on the market.

Next Generation Voice Service
Algo 8186 SIP Speaker Download
8186 User Guide.pdf
Magoo's Cloud and private PBX service supports paging and announcement systems to further enhance your unified communications platform. Algo 8186 SIP Horn users guide.
05 Nov, 2019 2.3 mb Downloads: 146
Private PBX Phone System Download
Private PBX delivers a customization on-premise or cloud unified communication platform for medium to large organizations.
22 Sep, 2019 1.06 mb Downloads: 114
Toll Free Port Authorization Download
Please complete this form to move your toll free numbers to your new phone service with Magoo.
08 Aug, 2019 913 kb Downloads: 782
Whats the best phone service Download
Hosted VOIP provides your business a cost effective enterprise service that is completely salable.
07 May, 2019 2.39 mb Downloads: 132
Voice Programming Worksheet Download
Assist our voice engineers in creating your next generation voice service with company specific information.
17 Feb, 2019 1.05 mb Downloads: 217
Phone Service Agreement Download
Service Level Agreement for voice services with Magoo & Associates. This item should be reviewed, signed, and returned to your sales associate.
13 Feb, 2019 800 kb Downloads: 340
Phone Number Transfer Download
Transfer and keep your current phone number by port authorization.
12 May, 2020 4.07 mb Downloads: 269