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Email Configuration

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Last updated: 06 Sep, 2019


Depending on your subscription type, you will have a number of email addresses available for use. Although this is allowed, Magoo generally discourages email use on the same server as your website. Please consider alternate email hosting. You may discuss this issue with your sales representative. If your hosting is configured by one of our associates, please advise them that you will be using the email accounts available with your hosting. Necessary DNS settings must be constructed to allow for this service.

Webmail Access

To access your email from a browser, please navigate to From there, you may login to your account with your email credentials. 

Email Client Settings

You may setup your email with various email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.). To do this you will need information to provision these applications. You may access this information from within your webmail screen, once authenticated.

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Article ID: 126
Last updated: 06 Sep, 2019
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