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Last updated: 26 Jul, 2019

To access your user dashboard for administrator and user functionality, please visit The user dashboard provides customizable features to configure and change you phone system. You may be provided different features based on your level of permissions.


The user dashboard is an applet that contains a device user's most commonly used features in one place. It initially includes functions giving the user access to their Call History, Voicemail, VoIP Settings, and Profile settings. This functionality can be extended further by adding widgets to it that are specific to other features of the account or the user.

For the dashboard to be accessible by the user, they must have proper setup in place. This includes.

  1. The Dashboard Access Role must be enabled for the user.
  2. The user must have a device user associated with their portal credentials.

Once this criteria is met, the user will be able to access the dashboard via Top Menu or Home screen Icon.

Find Me Follow Me (FMFM)

Here you can control your personal ring strategy for all your devices. This includes time-based routing; after-hours calls can be routed differently than calls to you during business hours. Check out your device registration status at a glance.

Company Directory

Comprehensive list of all users and virtual extensions in your account. This allows for a quick lookup of users’ extensions in your account and their associated mailbox numbers.

Dynamic CID List

A nice reference sheet of all the dynamic CID codes in your account. Don’t have dynamic CID? Ask your account representative about it and increase sales performance!


Easy management of your voicemails. Messages are time stamped, and include the from name and number. Stream messages, mark as new, mark as saved, and delete messages.

Call History

Never lose that number! Here you will see your personal call history. You can even take notes about your calls for easy references and details about the call!

Quick Call

Simply enter the telephone number you want to dial, select the device you want to call from, and click call. Our system will then call your device, and when answered, will be connecting you to the number you wanted to dial! Prefer to click2call? Ask your account representative about our chrome browser plugin!


Review call recordings right on your dashboard! You can lock, delete, stream and download the recordings right from here. Remember, you can only see recordings that you have permission to see! Interested in call recording? Contact your account representative!

VOIP Settings

Update your voicemail settings and inbound call logic such as caller ID prepends, no answer and busy routes, and FMFM.

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Article ID: 28
Last updated: 26 Jul, 2019
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