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Creating Media for menus, voicemail, and music on hold.

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Last updated: 19 Oct, 2019

Media File Use

Media is any type of sound file that may be recorded or played back to callers. Common use is for Menus, Voicemail, and Music on Hold. This article will focus on media file types, recording, and converting audio files for use within our voice services.

Recording and Converting Tools

There are many paid and free utilities to record and convert audio files for your phone system. Regardless of the tool used, you will need a computer, and audio microphone to record you audio. Depending on you settings, you may be able to direct record audio files from your device with a pin code. These tools will assist you in recording and converting audio files with advanced capabilities of background music and more.

The below list of frequently used free audio suites are not recommended or endorsed by Magoo & Associates, and should be verified by your organization. 

  1. Audacity
    1. Audacity is a powerful editor, but not very user friendly.
      1. Download
  2. Ocenaudio
    1. Ocenaudio is another powerful tool, but is more user friendly for new users. 
      1. Download

Acceptable Audio File Types for Upload

  1. Cloud PBX Systems
    1. Cloud PBX users should convert and upload their audio files based on the below requirements.
      • Media should not exceed 10MB in size.
      • All media should be either WAV or MP3 files.
      • WAV files must have a sample rate of 1600khz and set to mono channel.

Once you record, edit, and convert your audio file to your specific format, administrators may upload the files and later assign them to the appropriate menu.

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Article ID: 136
Last updated: 19 Oct, 2019
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