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Ad-Hock Remote Session

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Last updated: 26 Jan, 2020

Remote Support

Magoo supports your desktop, network, and server systems with various software, programs, and scripts. Depending on your service plan, these items may be installed and running. If this is not the case, Magoo may request an ad-hock remote session by directing you to go to the web page at The instructions provided below allows a Magoo technician to work on your computer or server only once. We will not have concurrent access to your computer, and permission may be revoked at any time.

Accessing a Single Support Session

  • Navigate to in your browser of choice.
  • Enter your session code provided by your technician, and click the right arrow. 
  • If the code was accepted, the system will download a one-use program, and provide instructions on running the program.
  • Open the downloaded program, and allow the machine to make changes to your computer.

Cancelling Your Remote Session

In this scenario, your remote session is a one time session. You may discontinue the session at any time. Locate the white Magoo shield within the service tray. An active session would be annotated by a red dot. Right click on the icon and select Exit.

After your session has ended, the shield and access to your system will be removed. Our technicians cannot regain access to your computer once a session is closed. If you would like our technicans to be provided pn-request access to your system, please contact a sales engineer to complete the request. 

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Article ID: 139
Last updated: 26 Jan, 2020
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