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Acronis Files Cloud
Acronis Files Cloud allows users to securely sync and share files within your business, and allow secure access with revision history externally.
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Magoo utilizes Acronis backup and recovery agent for local and offsite backup & disaster recovery.

Activating Your Account
When an administrator creates an account for you, an email message is sent to your email address. The message contains the following information: An account activation link. Click the link and set the password for the account. Remember your login that is shown on the account activation page. A...
23 Feb, 2019
Accessing Your Service
Magoo provides a consolidated interface to access your backup service in conjunction with your sync and share service/ From one pane of glass, you can backup physical devices, websites, cloud subscriptions, and sync & share services. Login to the backup service. Go to the backup service...
23 Feb, 2019